Leo Polovets

General Partner at Susa Ventures | Developer tools & technical products + logistics & supply chain 🦍

About me

Blog: https://www.codingvc.com/

I'm a co-founder and General Partner at Susa Ventures. I invest across sectors, but mostly focus on b2b companies. A few specific sectors I've invested in heavily are enterprise software; developer tools and technical products; and logistics and supply chain. I led Susa's investments in dozens of companies, including Outlier, Pex, Scalyr, and Stedi.

Having been a software engineer for 10+ years, I approach challenges with an engineering mindset and support portfolio companies in vetting and hiring technical talent.

Prior to Susa, I was the second engineering hire at Linkedin where I helped build the first versions of products like LinkedIn Jobs and LinkedIn Groups. I then worked on payment fraud detection algorithms at Google, and was also an early engineer at Factual, where I built data cleaning, processing, and deduping software.