We're here to rethink presentation coaching.

1/ Introduction
The value of effective presentation needs no introduction. Throughout your career, you have likely worked with leaders that could command a room with their rhetoric. They were more impactful than most. They were more likely to reach the upper echelons of companies. Anyone (seriously anyone!) can benefit from up-leveling their presentation skills.

2/ Why does this matter?
At most companies, personalized presentation coaching is simply not accessible. It's reserved for executives and senior leadership and can cost upwards of $1000/hour.

3/ Our vision
Rhetoric is Grammarly for presentations. We believe that effective communication is one of the most important skills that anyone can bring to their career. As we move into a more digital workplace, we have the opportunity to democratize presentation coaching and feedback such that anyone - regardless of years of experience, background, or level - can become an expert presenter. That's what we are working towards.