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Rhetoric is your AI companion to video conferencing applications and provides real-time feedback on spoken communication.

AI to analyze your spoken communication

We'll analyze the data from your microphone and provide real-time feedback - enabling personal growth and better habits.

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This is just the start. Right now, you can get real-time notifications when you use a filler word, speak too fast, or dominate a meeting.

We work across all video conference applications

Just turn on Rhetoric in your Chrome web browser and start improving your spoken word.

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Speech & Debate

"In high-school speech and debate, we ran an exercise in which the class would *snap* whenever the presenter used a filler word, such as "like". It was incredibly effective because the feedback was almost instantaneous with the event. That's the best kind of feedback: timely, obvious, and personalized. As you can imagine, I stop saying "like" pretty quickly."

Ivan Kirgin
Co-Founder, Rhetoric

Listening to yourself is the worst.

"I recently watched a recording from a meeting I presented in. I immediately cringed as soon as I heard myself. The content was fine, but my presentation was riddled with filler words: "like", "um", "you know". During the Q&A, I started to ramble and speak too fast. There was absolutely room for improvement.

Speaking with precision makes an enormous difference in career performance. I realized that the feedback I was getting from my managers and peers on my spoken communication were either toned down or simply missing."

Raman Malik
Co-Founder, Rhetoric

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